I used to go out to Walmart for cat litter until I found the Old Elevator sells cat litter, better quality and a lower price. The 40 lb. bag is easier to carry than the 40 lb box (and Jon always helps carry it to my car). I also, feed ear corn and am pleased with their locally grown large eared corn. Again, lower price!

Kara Ogden

I switched to Earthborn Ocean Fusion dog food after finding out my dog has stomach issues. After switching, he became more active, his coat looks much better, he eats less and there is less to clean up. Plus, I like the fact it is made in the USA.

Jon McCoy

We just stopped in there after hearing several folks talk about it. What an awesome place. The owners are so nice and very helpful! We love that they have grass fed beef!!! We will definitely be back often!

Carol Hall

Thanks for putting on the pond management seminar, I learned so much! It was great meeting everyone...what a nice group of people!! Love your new location!

Judy Wojciechowski

This place is great! Just because you don't have livestock don't ignore this place. They have a great selection of fertilizer and pest control for your garden, bird houses and feed, local made products, and local sourced meats. They even have a pet bunny who roams the store

Sharla Lechner

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I followed their directions and the grass from their seed is the best looking grass in the yard! It is like a lush green carpet. Love it. Coming back to order wildflower seed. Thank you so much, Old Elevator.

Karen Frado